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As Digital Technology is changing business every day, business needs to transform without taking risks. With our deep industry domain expertise and solutions, SunTech is helping financial organizations worldwide to respond to regulatory requirements and market opportunities, and drive innovation, efficiency, customer loyalty, and better decision-making. SunTech helps you accelerate your digital transformation with technology that improves customer experience, streamlines core operations and advances innovative solutions edge to cloud. Some of our solutions include

  • PCI, GDPR, AML, OWASP compliant solutions
  • Building payment gateways that interact with various providers
  • Payment Service Provider (PSP), Merchant of Record (MoR) solutions
  • Innovative payment and ordering
  • Integration with Bill Presentment and Payment systems
  • Solutions that incorporate Payment Service Provider (PSP), Merchant of Record (MoR)
  • Loan processing and fulfillment
  • Blockchain banking
  • Big Data Analytics

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Healthcare industry worldwide has been facing increasing predicament to leverage Information Technology to streamline healthcare processes to provide cost-effective services with improved efficiency. With added government regulations, security and compliance requirements, patient information protection expectations the need for Healthcare industry to transform its solutions using IT advancements is an understood fact. To transform these solutions, Healthcare industry needs partners who not only excel in technology but also have a thorough understanding of the industry and its needs. SunTech helps its Healthcare clients in the areas of health insurance, pharmaceutical and life sciences by offering customized solutions that are quick to deploy, keeping security, governance and compliance like HIPAA, PMI, PII and FDA at their core. Some of the solutions provided by SunTech, covers wide range of Healthcare industry including

  • Healthcare Marketplace.
  • Enterprise Content Management.
Healthcare Marketplace

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often shortened to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is a United States federal statute for providing affordable insurance. It represents the U.S. healthcare system's most significant regulatory overhaul and expansion of coverage. ACA, through the Center for CMS (Center for Medicaid and Medicare), provides companies to tap into these plans to be offered through a web broker. SunTech helps its clients wade through the CMS API and compliance documentation and helped implement solutions for web broker services.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

SunTech helps Healthcare organizations with building customized portals that provide them with a platform to share information about their organization and programs. Our solutions are based on robust content management architecture that not only facilitates the ease of publishing but also interacts, analyses and presents information from other tools available. By integrating discussion boards and chat rooms, and creating dashboards, our solutions empower stakeholders with extremely useful information at their fingertips.

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F&B (Food and Beverages) and Hospitality

Emerging technologies like, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are transforming operations of every industry. F&B and Restaurant industries are not immune to it. Technological advancements are changing every element of a typical F&B industry operations, from how diners make reservations to how managers track inventory. SunTech offers F&B solutions that incorporate the latest technological advances.

  • Mobile ordering and payments
  • AI-Based loyalty and incentive programs
  • Digital Menus & Self-serve Kiosks
  • Better Delivery Tracking
  • Adaptive and Predictive Ordering
  • Big Data Analytics

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The E-commerce industry functions in an atmosphere that is vibrant, with new challenges and fresh opportunities budding continuously. The success of an organization revolves around making an impression of its offerings with the consumers by using all available channels to get to them. SunTech provides E-commerce solutions that give you a competitive edge to integrate into the latest channels and platforms.

SunTech's E-Commerce solutions empower customers with an end to end operational platform that provides capabilities of setting up shopping carts, designing user and order management systems, payment gateway integrations and logistics integration eventually to build a very secure and robust application. Our E-Commerce solutions highlight

  • Easy to navigate User-Friendly interfaces
  • Easy to manage the product catalog
  • Multiple vendor management
  • Inventory management
  • SEO friendly applications
  • Big Data Analytics

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Retail Payments

We deliver the digital experience today’s customers demand

Connected consumers are ready to make purchases anytime and anywhere. Today, they expect mobile banking apps, remote deposit capture, and personalized banking products.

For day-to-day financial transactions, consumers are focused on security, ease of use and control. SunTech’s retail payment solutions help you provide consumers with innovative, cost-effective, secure and reliable payment solutions that help to grow your business and strengthen account-holder relationships.

  • Deliver leading-edge digital payment, remote deposit capture and card technologies
  • Increase your bottom line and gain share of wallet
  • Understand account-holder purchases and trends with powerful analytical insights
  • Integrate with core systems

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Information Security & Compliance

A basic understanding of information security and compliance are fundamental to the success of thousands of organizations. Unfortunately, the two terms are far too often misunderstood and misused. What if we told you that information security, if you understand it, can be used by your organization as a competitive advantage? It’s true, Information Security and Compliance can be a big step towards the success of your business.

We at SunTech help you in understanding the needs for information security and compliance and will help you in implementing it.

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Why Companies Need Compliance
  • Most major U.S. companies maintain compliance with at least one IT security regulation. Not only are many of these regulations’ mandatory, but they also greatly benefit companies:
  • Improve Security: IT security regulations improve corporate security measures by setting baseline requirements. This baseline keeps business data-security levels relatively consistent within respective industries.
  • Minimize Losses: Improved security, in turn, prevents breaches, which are costly to businesses. Many companies end up losing millions in sales, repair costs and legal fees, all of which can be avoided with the right preventive measures.
  • Increase Control: Improved security goes together with increased control. Prevent employee mistakes and insider theft with heightened credentialing systems while keeping an eye on outside threats.
  • Maintain Trust: Customers trust businesses with their information. Honour that trust with improved security systems that keep their information safe.